Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wire Ohm

This is crazy!!! I have put a big stone on my shoulders to carry! I thought an OHM design would be very cool and 'in vogue', but the execution was.... well like an execution! Uh, oh, I did it!
And next time it will be better - I played with this a lot and learned a lot.

The dot in Ohm is a square turquoise bead. If I'm able to make a few of these (I know there is a trick to it, and I WILL find it!), I can customize the dot - choose your favourite gemstone or your birthstone in the place of the dot!
The dot-bead is gently swinging as you move, so it will look nice on a long and short chain both.
Think zen, think OHMMMMMMMMM!
Bye for now, I have to catch up on some yoga...


  1. I want have your imagination Misa, that is very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mum

  2. I am very into yoga too, I love this!