Saturday, June 27, 2009

Briolette Wrap Tutorial from Eni Oken

My computer is still in a coma, so I cannot post any new pictures. But I don’t want to leave my blog asleep, like I did already once! Well, isn’t this a great time to share some wonderful teachers with you?
I have mentioned this wonderful website already a few times:
Go have a look, if you didn’t do it yet! I urge you! If you want to learn something new, if you want to get inspired, have a question about jewellery-making (and sometimes not only that:) and if you want to share your work with other inspired artists, you HAVE to go there, just HAVE TO!

Eni Oken is a great self-taught jewellery artist, who has a lot of knowledge to share. Together with other selling artists she is the patron of You can buy tutorials for some amazing projects, but some tutorials are for free – and here is one of the free ones, from Eni Oken - Briolette Wrap:

Here is the link:
Although you have to be a registered member of the site, don't worry - registering is for free. You can only gain!

Are you really still reading this blog entry? Go to!


A genius left us… Michael, you will be missed greatly…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neverending Trouble - War Machine vs. Man

I am so sorry I wasn't posting for a while. Believe me, I wasn't sleeping, I made some nice things, but....... my laptop is broken. It went back to his makers' (wow, that sounds very human, but in this case it means that it still might be repairable) and I don't have any news as of yet. 
My husband's laptop is an Apple and I'd rather eat it than work on it :-)
I just don't have a sufficient photo editing program on hand.

I haven't been keeping in touch either - in fact for the same reason. One computer is just not enough in our household (see, we don't fight over the remote control, we fight over the computer), so I'm trying to limit my on-line time right now. Just wait when I get my broken baby back (or buy a new toy)!

And if all of the above wasn't enough, there is news from work: all access to web addresses that contain 'blog' in the name has been blocked... boooo! So I cannot even have a look at my favourite blogs!

Well, everything bad is supposed to be good for something in the long run, right? I cannot wait for the great thing coming ahead! Because that will have to be BIG!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Think You Know...

...what is my favourite technique so far... how many Herringbone project have I finished so far???
But to be fair, as a beginner I cannot ask for a more effective yet very easy technique.

This is a bangle made for my mum - she got a pair of copper earrings and wanted something matching.

Detail of the clasp:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Fell off the Wagon...

I fell off the train… and I’m climbing back.
My blog has been asleep for what seems to be an eternity – at least in bloggers’ terms. Since I came back from India, it seems like my day doesn’t have enough hours. I have so many photographs and, of course, our families want to see them right now (slowly, slowly they are appearing on, and the summer is here, so I can’t just sit at home when I feel like hiking and… and…
…and I’m sorry, if you’ve been waiting for some new creations. I did make some new things, but mostly I was experimenting – let me introduce my very disastrous attempt to make a coin frame (remember the beautiful Indian coins I brought from my trip?) and them the less disastrous attempt that followed:

This is the disaster - I thought I could just cut a thin stripe of metal sheet and wrap it around the coin and that will be it. Well, you guessed it - it's not that easy and that's why it spelled disaster.

So the next experiment had to be more thought through - so I decided to 'invent' a prong-style setting for my coin.

Looks better, huh? I did have a hard time cutting the metal (I don't have any special tool, my sheet is really thin and a pair of sharp scissors does the job:), so the edges are not completely smooth. If I wanted to sell this piece, I would have to make sure the edges are snag-free...