Friday, March 27, 2009

Ringa-Ding-Ding, It's a Ring!

My first ring! I haven't tried a ring before, but I was eyeing up some tutorials and really, really wanted to give it a go - but I didn't have a ring mandrel.
The ring madrel is actually a big thing - trying to form a wire ring on your own hand requires lots of craftmanship, because you essentially lose one hand to work with! Plus you might lose you finger if your wire gets too tight :-)

I was trying to form the wires in my hands as I was going... not the best idea either - the rign ended up being a tad bigger than I needed.
Nevertheless - here's the ring.

But the next ones will come once I actually buy the mandrel. Yep, the tools are important. Point made. Full stop.
copper wire (16g, 20g, 24g)
4 Czech firepolished beads


  1. that looks realy nice. I love the stones on it

  2. hi misa, thank you for the cute award (lemonade)and for the nice compliments. the link you left me isn't working and i didn't find the post about it on your blog, so when you have a chance, send me the link again.