Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Just Love Making Copper Bracelets

After making a bunch of seedy-beady bangles there was another thing awaiting - bangles with not-so-seedy beads! I admit - I like a cluster of bangles on a hand all together, maybe that's why I always make a few to compliment each other.
But hey - they're good on their own too! No bangle should be ashamed on its own!

Sorry, I'm in a silly mood today...

Copper Bracelet with Blue Ceramic Bead:

Another simplified version of Copper Bracelet with Blue Ceramic Bead:

Copper Bracelet with Red Glass Beads:

Copper Bracelet with Lampworked Beads:


  1. Hi, thank you for joining my blog and for your nice comment. As I can see you love copper too! Congratulation for your jewelry. Bye from Italy

  2. These are fun designs. I'm a great fan of multiple bracelets, too. I love the look of the coiled copper!