Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing With Fire

Not a long time ago I've purchased a torch in hardware store. I have finally tried to make ball end copper headpins. Not very nice, but it was the first time - I wanted to take a picture so fast, that I didn't even remember to clean the blackened layer off!

But what I'm more pleased with is my own version of rivets! This is what I did with a piece of copper sheet - there are two different colours of rivets - and if you look closely, you will see that the two sheets have a different colour too. That's because the smaller one is heat-cured (with the torch) - the lower pictures showes it better.

I think it looks quite cool!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Indian Secret - Necklace

This is a new item I made yesterday - and I put it on Etsy straight away!

Brass chain holds mother-of-pearl chip with photo transferred Hindi writing and a Rudraksh (holy nut from India that has healing powers and spiritual powers).
The red thread is Hindu holy thread that every Hindu person ties on their wrist for protection).

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Item On Etsy - Brass Key Earrings

This is a new listing I have added to my Etsy shop today!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My New Shop on ETSY.COM Finally Opened!

Yes, it's here! My shop on Etsy is finally open! At the moment there is only one item, but it will slowly fill up with more (I HOPE SO).

Keep your fingers crossed so I can get some good views!

Copper Bracelet With Ceramic Bead (And Herringbone Weave)

I was trying all different kids of herringbone weave in the past few weeks - and this is again another thing that came up from that.

I was trying to give the bracelet a bit of organic feel by making the band with swirls. I also didn't want to overpower the weave around the bead.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Low-cost Metals - Cheap or Just An Alternative?

Browsing through my blog you cannot miss that I like using copper in my pieces. I have also started using some brass in my jewellery. I'm definitely not discovering anything new here - read this article from Beading Daily on low-cost metals in jewellery:
This article touches the use of copper, brass and pewter in jewellery. Also in spring 2009 issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry (which I highly recommed for anyone learning to work with wire) an article called "Affordable Alchemy" recognized low-cost metals including steel and telephone wires as an alternative material for jewellery makers. (Here is the cover page and contents:
Articles like this helped me feel better about not using precious metals while making jewellery (at least for now, I hope to introduce sterling silver line one day).
I really like when jewellery looks antique and worn. I am a bit old fashioned and like things with stories behind them. So I have attempted to recreate something I thought might have been in my Grandma's treasury box. I used brass, pearls, Czech firepolished beads and glass beads.

You can combine and layer these long necklaces - and that's another thing I like!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back For Real And With New Ideas

Does it ever happen to you - waaaay too many ideas and no time to make them into a piece of art? And way too many other things you want and need and must do...

With my almost two-months break without computer I wanted to do so many things, but didn't. As always. Sometimes the ideas just STOP me instead of push me forward. I have all the wires and tools and beads put outside - and then I get completely confused as to what I wanted to do right now! I wanted to try another variation of herringbone weave (sure, still my favourite), but I also wanted to try something similar I just cut out of a magazine yesterday, but I also have a picture I wanted to transfer on a shell.... AND I ALSO WANT MY DAY TO HAVE 24 HOURS! Well, you might say this is easy - a day does have 24 hours indeed. I want those 24 FOR WORK AND CREATING! No sleeping, transit time etc. PURE 24 hours.

Am I just trying to bite a piece too big for my mouth?

Well it wouldn't be the first time, as you can see...

But I didn't only sleep all this time when I couldn't show you any photos - I will slowly show you my new projecs!

Here - I started making my own earwires:

I have also figured out, how to get patina on copper - this is the first try. You can still see the OHM sign stamped into the sheet - I can feel this is going to turn into something cool!

And because my day doesn't have enough hours, I will go to bed now.... more is coming!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Free Tutorial from

Still no news on my broken laptop... I'm buying a new one, as I feel like I'm missing an arm. OK, maybe just an ear, but missing it a lot :) 
This is a disease that comes with modern society - computers became such a big part of our lives that we feel lost without them. Mobile phones, TV sets, iPods a.s.o.... we have these arm extensions in the form of electronics. Boy, I don't own a mobile phone now, but I remember when I did - the battery would die and I'd be restless till I could recharge it and see for myself that I hadn't missed an "important" call indeed (when I'm a CEO of some sorts, I will remember this story and laugh with my never-out-of-battery super-satellite raspberry-thing in my pocket). Now I just come home and see if the answering machine blinks.
When we lived in Ireland (that's why I have such a funny accent by the way - I'm sure it's very tangible on me blog :), we never owned a TV. We just watched DVDs on a laptop if we felt like it, but never missed the telly itself. But with the computer, it's different. I AM MISSING IT! I like being in touch with my country via news on the net, I like browsing my friends' blogs and photos, I like using it as a phone! To me, it's all of the modern extensions in one little flat box!

Enough of the weeping, at least I have the aforementioned Apple, my husband's computer. That allows me to introduce another free tutorial, courtesy of again!
Learn basic weaving techniques and incorporate them in your designs!
This is what the tutorial teaches you:

Find the full tutorial for FREE here: 

If you're not sure, how to get the free tutorial, have a look at my previous post. And then go to jewelry lessons' website and find so much more!

Happy learning!