Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hindi Prayer

I haven't done anything with photo trasfers in a while .... OK I actually can explain this, as I really do not like the word lazy in connection with me and I have already used it in my previous post. Our appartment isn't big and I don't have a fixed jewellery-making spot yet. No workshop, no designated area.
I like working in front of TV, because I like having sound around me while working, but radio lacks the visual stimulation. (Can you believe that we lived for a little over 4 years without TV and now all of a sudden I like it???) So my tools, wires, all that jazz is on a little table in front of the telly. When we have visitors, I try to clean it a bit and stock it in shoe boxes. When the visitors are gone, I take out the shoe boxes and spread everything around again.
I think people like us, because we had a lot of friends for dinner in past few weeks... and I just keep cleaning up and "down" again and again.
And the photo transfers are the messiest (water is involved too), so I don't take it out of the box as often as I would like to.

BUT! Solution is on the way: I'm getting our friends used to the idea that I have started making jewellery and that I need some work space. Some of our closest friends have already seen the "mess", as I didn't clean up. And it actually turned into an improvised house jewellery party! They wanted to see what I'm making, what are the tools and some of them picked what they liked! AWESOME!
So now when this hobby is slowly becoming a part of me, I won't have to clean up that much anymore (still talking only about the jewellery mess, of course :-))) and instead of looking through those shoe boxes I will spend more time making my pieces!

Oh, did you want to know about the 'Hindi Prayer'?
So this time I have added bits of gold leaf to the transfer and it came out very pretty. I would say the leaf adds a touch of antique feel to it.
I have to apologize as the photo transfer doesn't photograph very well (the irony!), because it is shiny and also because the base is mother-of-pearl. I'm thinking that bigger distance and macro on the camera will give a better result - next time, ok?

The text isn't actually a prayer, it's from a calendar, but the name sounded so nice. And most people will not understand anyway...

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