Friday, February 27, 2009

Garnet Teardrop Earrings

I'm getting so much inspiration on ! This page features jewellery artists and teachers and puts together people that would probably not have a chance to meet this close other than on jewellery shows. This site gives you lessons at home!
I personally have never attended a bead or jewellery show yet, and as I live in Jackson Hole (yes, the 'hole' in the name is there for a reason!), it is hard to get anywhere out of here... so this is a great way for me to explore some possibilities and ideas without traveling far from home!

Well, these earrings were a way to practise wrapping with beads. First, they were just teardrop shaped wires with silver beads, but when we were talking about them with my husband Sandeep, he thought I should add some colour to make them more interesting. And I found a string of garnets that I was saving for the time I can make a proper piece and not waste the gems. Well, I guess the time has come!

PS. I was just reading a blog of a friend (Kathleen, it's about you) mentioning her husband's input for her newly finished piece - and I have to say: guys, you rock! Second opinion can make a difference!

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  1. Hi Misa!
    These are just lovely. You do such wonderful work and I'm partial to garnets too as that is my birthstone.

    And, thank you so much for mentioning me and my blog here. You are so sweet.

    Wishing you all the best. Kathleen