Saturday, January 17, 2009

Working with Photo Transfers

Here is a new technique I wanted to try - jewellery with photo transfers. It seems to work quite well. Actually better than I've expected!
I love the results - you choose a picture and transfer it onto some smooth surface. My choice was mother of pearl. The transferred photo is translucent and takes on the colour and character of the surface underneath, so I wanted to see, how the pearlescent base would work.
It turned out pretty neat, considering this is the very first piece I made:

I like the almost antique look of this piece...

Now I just need to learn how to take good quality photos of my jewellery :-))
I need to try different chains/ threads/ ribbons and decide what this pretty lady would look the best with.

And then happened what happens when you try something new and it works out well - I became hooked! Totally! I'm transferring everything and testing colours of bases, testing different types of paper and comparing the results. Which means that you can expect more photos of the photo transfers.....

Not to make you wait for too long, here is one of the things that followed Leonardo's painting. This is a transfer from an Indian newspaper (by the way, I seems that Indians use a different type of paper for their daily media - it was more difficult to work with than anything else I have tested so far).

And since after making a few pieces I became a total pro (haha - a blessed wish!) and needed to prove myself on something more challenging than just NORMAL FLAT surface, so I used these pearl chips, that I didn't know what to do with so far, and tried to transfer the newspaper on them. Whohooo! It surprised me and although it cost me some time to finish, i like it - what do you think? I believe I have something original, finally!

Same as with the lady pendant, I just need to find what to "hang" it onto for the best effect!

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