Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bangles, Bang, Bang!!!

I have discovered the pleasures of coiling and because I looove bangles and bracelets, I decided to make a few and think of possible designs.
This was the first one:

It's made of steel wire (the same one that didn't work for me when making the big chandelier earrings -, antiqued silver spacer beads and some Czech firepolished beads and seed beads.

I can't explain why I still like to work with this wire when I had so much trouble with it, but I guess I just got used to the hardness and learned to work with it. Which is great, as I personally see a development here - a material that didn't seem ideal at first became my friend and I enjoyed working with it the second (and third and fourth...... :-) time around.
I should probably try to make those earrings now again and see the difference!

Here is a set of bangles made of steel wire (THAT one, what else) and seed beads of different colours. I want to make a set of 4 or 5 with different colours of seed beads to stack them together, but they take a while to make (but I'm getting faster with each new one!!!) and I couldn't wait to put them here. So these will get sisters soon.

And this was the last idea with bangles - something little less usual. Square bangles! I want to make more of these as well and stack them together.

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