Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jewellery Making and a New Blog

Like many others, I have discovered a new hobby. And like many others, I have decided to chronicle my journey in a blog.
So there are many firsts - my first blog ever. My first post on my first blog. And... the first baby of my new-taken hobby.
Oh. I didn't mention what the hobby was.
I was browsing through the magazines in my local grocery shop (you do that too while waiting in the queue to the cashier, right?) and I saw this beading magazine. A quick glance through made me believe, that all these beautiful projects are REALLY EASY. I can do this! Well, the projects are not that easy, but you know what they say. If you take a journey, don't turn around.

With the magazine and a cup of chay at home, I created a vision in my head: a small store with hand-made jewellery, lots of smiley customers and everybody wearing my designs!
The vision as glossy as the magazine cover will need some working on!
I have a lot of hard work ahead! I'm not sure if I want to actually own a little shop with beads, but I am certainly looking for praise for my projects!
This blog will be my tiny space out there, a diary (maybe a week-ary) about the hardships of a beginning jewellery designer. Or shall I say "wanna-be-jewellery-designer"...

And who knows, one day a girl/ boy with a shiny magazine and shiny new ideas will have a look at these pages and find some bloody good advice and inspiration!

Well, excuse me, I have to run - my first order of supplies is on the way! Ooh - that's one more of the firsts!

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