Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Copper Wire Earrings with Pearls!

How could I forget! I also made earrings!
I saw this beautiful design on http://www.jewelrylessons.com/ and it seemed easy enough. SIGH. It's not easy. Well it is easy, but I'm only a baby-jeweller and don't speak the language of wire yet. So the earrings are not exactly identical (what lullys me is the fact that my ears aren't exactly identical either) and I need to work on that.
This is the link for tutorial: http://www.jewelrylessons.com/jewel/node/8991

But note that I have played with wire in a different way than in the bracelet (just the previous post) and HAMMERED it.

A new day, a new technique. I'm proud of myself. So far so good.

Ok, ok, enough. Back to practice!

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