Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where to Order?

Google is your friend if you don't have a beading supplies shop nearby.
Browse a few sellers and on-line shops (eBay has some great offers too!) and compare the prices. See what shop has exactly what you need, so you can combine prices or get cheaper shipping - just like with any other on-line shopping.
Beading and jewellery magazines have tons of advertisements for different sellers and some magazines with tutorials also give you a list of materials used, which is supercool.
Here is my favourite on-line shop so far:

I like them because your price gets better the more you shop! They have 4 different prices for each product and the moment you have 15 items in your cart, you're getting to the next price range and start savings. It's not 15 pieces of the same thing, it's 15 of anything from their catalogue!
You can also get their catalogue for free before you place any order at all:

And what is great about their catalogue is that everything is beautifully photographed and in real sizes, so it's easy to choose right if you're not a pro in sizes or colours or different stone textures etc. You will love this catalogue also because they have lots of design ideas just next to the different products - it's like your little teacher!

Hey, I'm not paid for this, believe me. It's my personal choice of the moment!

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