Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pledge - I will learn a new technique a month

I am not a person, who can deal with New Year resolutions - I just don't believe that if I tell myself to do something I don't want to do or don't like doing, that I will actually listen to myself and make myself doing it. If I know something is good/bad for me and I need to start/ stop doing it, than I either go cold turkey or slowly faze into it. But I have to get going "right now", because "next year" or "next Monday" usually turns into "next century".
So there was no New Year's resolution on my side... but there is a resolution RIGHT NOW. I just spent money on yeat ANOTHER jewellery making book and then had a look at my EMPTY etsy shop and felt embarassed... I really need to make some more stuff, take more pictures before I give it away (because there have been some cute pieces I gave out as gifts, but never documented them) and mix up the techniques a bit, so I can start feeling like a jewellery artist! I just kicked myself in the behind (which reminds me, I need to do more yoga:) and signed myself for some jewellery lessons.
The last year was very lazy, we moved from Jackson Hole to Seattle and I didn't even unpack half of my jewellery-making supplies. Now I see how many amazing tools I have collected since I started making adornments and I know I have to give them an active life NOW.
So I thought I need a goal, a tough one, but a reachable goal - and decided I will learn 12 new techniques I haven't tried before - all before the end of this year. It doesn't matter that I have missed almost 2 months already - the aim isn't to try a new thing a month, but get to the number 12 before end of December. So if I work on it and learn 12 by August, I can just continue the pace and learn MORE...

Here is a list that I compiled while thinking what all I'd like to know or make:
  1. sawing
  2. chainmaille
  3. etching
  4. riveting
  5. foldforming
  6. viking weave
  7. soldering
  8. electroforming
  9. drilling
  10. stamping
  11. enameling
  12. working with resin
>> not necessarily in that order and maybe not all of these, I might just as well find something amazing on the way and learn a new thing that is not on the list. All of the above are just realistic things I should be able to get into, although some will require new tools (well, if it needs to be done... ;-))). I would also like to start using more recycled/ upcycled materials....

So next will be my account of the first jewellery lesson I took!

Note to self - I need to edit my blog settings too...

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