Thursday, July 23, 2009

Low-cost Metals - Cheap or Just An Alternative?

Browsing through my blog you cannot miss that I like using copper in my pieces. I have also started using some brass in my jewellery. I'm definitely not discovering anything new here - read this article from Beading Daily on low-cost metals in jewellery:
This article touches the use of copper, brass and pewter in jewellery. Also in spring 2009 issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry (which I highly recommed for anyone learning to work with wire) an article called "Affordable Alchemy" recognized low-cost metals including steel and telephone wires as an alternative material for jewellery makers. (Here is the cover page and contents:
Articles like this helped me feel better about not using precious metals while making jewellery (at least for now, I hope to introduce sterling silver line one day).
I really like when jewellery looks antique and worn. I am a bit old fashioned and like things with stories behind them. So I have attempted to recreate something I thought might have been in my Grandma's treasury box. I used brass, pearls, Czech firepolished beads and glass beads.

You can combine and layer these long necklaces - and that's another thing I like!

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