Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back For Real And With New Ideas

Does it ever happen to you - waaaay too many ideas and no time to make them into a piece of art? And way too many other things you want and need and must do...

With my almost two-months break without computer I wanted to do so many things, but didn't. As always. Sometimes the ideas just STOP me instead of push me forward. I have all the wires and tools and beads put outside - and then I get completely confused as to what I wanted to do right now! I wanted to try another variation of herringbone weave (sure, still my favourite), but I also wanted to try something similar I just cut out of a magazine yesterday, but I also have a picture I wanted to transfer on a shell.... AND I ALSO WANT MY DAY TO HAVE 24 HOURS! Well, you might say this is easy - a day does have 24 hours indeed. I want those 24 FOR WORK AND CREATING! No sleeping, transit time etc. PURE 24 hours.

Am I just trying to bite a piece too big for my mouth?

Well it wouldn't be the first time, as you can see...

But I didn't only sleep all this time when I couldn't show you any photos - I will slowly show you my new projecs!

Here - I started making my own earwires:

I have also figured out, how to get patina on copper - this is the first try. You can still see the OHM sign stamped into the sheet - I can feel this is going to turn into something cool!

And because my day doesn't have enough hours, I will go to bed now.... more is coming!

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