Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neverending Trouble - War Machine vs. Man

I am so sorry I wasn't posting for a while. Believe me, I wasn't sleeping, I made some nice things, but....... my laptop is broken. It went back to his makers' (wow, that sounds very human, but in this case it means that it still might be repairable) and I don't have any news as of yet. 
My husband's laptop is an Apple and I'd rather eat it than work on it :-)
I just don't have a sufficient photo editing program on hand.

I haven't been keeping in touch either - in fact for the same reason. One computer is just not enough in our household (see, we don't fight over the remote control, we fight over the computer), so I'm trying to limit my on-line time right now. Just wait when I get my broken baby back (or buy a new toy)!

And if all of the above wasn't enough, there is news from work: all access to web addresses that contain 'blog' in the name has been blocked... boooo! So I cannot even have a look at my favourite blogs!

Well, everything bad is supposed to be good for something in the long run, right? I cannot wait for the great thing coming ahead! Because that will have to be BIG!

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