Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Fell off the Wagon...

I fell off the train… and I’m climbing back.
My blog has been asleep for what seems to be an eternity – at least in bloggers’ terms. Since I came back from India, it seems like my day doesn’t have enough hours. I have so many photographs and, of course, our families want to see them right now (slowly, slowly they are appearing on, and the summer is here, so I can’t just sit at home when I feel like hiking and… and…
…and I’m sorry, if you’ve been waiting for some new creations. I did make some new things, but mostly I was experimenting – let me introduce my very disastrous attempt to make a coin frame (remember the beautiful Indian coins I brought from my trip?) and them the less disastrous attempt that followed:

This is the disaster - I thought I could just cut a thin stripe of metal sheet and wrap it around the coin and that will be it. Well, you guessed it - it's not that easy and that's why it spelled disaster.

So the next experiment had to be more thought through - so I decided to 'invent' a prong-style setting for my coin.

Looks better, huh? I did have a hard time cutting the metal (I don't have any special tool, my sheet is really thin and a pair of sharp scissors does the job:), so the edges are not completely smooth. If I wanted to sell this piece, I would have to make sure the edges are snag-free...


  1. i like what you did in the second picture of the coin with it's prong style - very cool. but i think i would have been tempted to solder the first one (that you thought was a diaster) i bet it would have look kind of funky!
    sure, Gracie is all yours btw! you get first dibs!

  2. I like how you are progressive! Keep working! I like second one coin.