Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Far Did I get with My Pledge?

Back in February I have decided that I shall learn 10 new techniques this year. So let's have a look how far I got. These were some ideas I had:

  1. sawing - yes and yes! This is probably so far my favourite new technique, it can change and define so many designs.
  2. chainmaille - one pair of earrings to start with. I need to stock up on jumprings...
  3. etching - yes, this is another great technique to enhance metal jewellery.
  4. riveting - I like it, although I feel like I need to work on it much more.
  5. foldforming - off to a good start, I have many ideas that I will hopefully be able to make a reality.
  6. viking weave - another new technique I fell in love with!

  1. Here is one technique that wasn't on my list, but I learned:
  1. Chasing & repousse!

 Not tried yet:
  1. soldering
  2. electroforming
  3. drilling
  4. stamping
  5. enameling
  6. working with resin ............ and maybe something else too...
So that's 7 done and 3 to go - I better hurry up and it's already October, I hope to hit my goal! Fingers crossed!

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