Monday, March 8, 2010

Yet Another Take on Herringbone Weave - Necklace with Czech Firepolished Beads

I was trying to see what it wood look like if I had 3 beads in a row, all on one piece of wire and then wrapped them with the herringbone weave.
There are 3 Czech firepolished beads, the middle one just slightly bigger, and to add an accent I have used three 4mm beads on the last wrap for the middle bead. Those 3 tiny beads add some weight to the piece so it wouldn't turn when worn, so it's also a practical addition, apart from the bearing wire being slightly bent for the same reason.

The funny things about this picture is, that the wire I have used was BLACK steel wire, yet here it looks silver in colour. Note to self: have to do something about lighting for my photos...


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  2. Beautiful work (Lindo trabalho!)

  3. Oh wow this is beautiful. Nice work!!!