Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earrings Craze - Another Day Off!

My Mum, being my biggest fan, asked me if I could make a few pairs of earrings for her friends - just something simple and easy.
I made a bunch, so there are mixed styles and I was trying to make each of the pairs a bit different, so everyone could find something to their taste. All pictures are taken while the earrings are hanging on a string on the wall in front of a tissue paper, and now I realizing that most of them were hanging 'downhill', so some look like one earring is longer than the other - which, of course, isn't true! *Sigh* Everything is already packed in mail, so I cannot take new pictures, but hey - you get the idea what the earrings looked like...

Here they are:

Pearl Ovals
- silver-plated wire, freashwater pearls

Amber and Copper Falls
(why does one look bent??? Next time I have to post pictures before I give the produst to the postoffice...)

Light My Fire
- Czech firepolished beads (again? one looks bent...)

Pink Glass Barrel
- Indian glass beads and Czech firepolished beads (and yes, they ARE the same length)

Mellow Yellow
- two tones of yellow briolettes

Pink Bunny
- pink(ish) briolettes and silver-plated wire
This design deserves to be worked on and perfected - something is in there and can be developed!

Cross I
- pewter crosses and Czech firepolished beads

Cross II
- pewter crosses and Indian glass beads

Marsmallow Powder
- Czech firepolished beads

Ceramic Bead and Copper
I think I have to find a better way to take my pictures. It will be inportant if I open an online store one day.... until then I'll be perfecting my designs and training with the camera!


  1. Love the Pink Bunny earrings - I was trying out a similar design the other day with spirals at the top - do yours hang straight?
    Kristin :)

  2. The loops for pink bunny are a little bit off-centre (the longer side is almost centered), so they hand straight. Also the briolette is very light.

  3. cute stuff! I do like your picture taking method. It isn't that bad... if you go to and look at some of the photos of things people are selling, I think they are doing similar things.